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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  People often overlook the importance of hiring a highly reputable photographer. Twenty years from your wedding day the photography is the only item you will have left to remind you of that monumental day. Your dress is likely torn and tattered after the day and you will never wear it again. The flowers in your bouquet will be dead in a matter of days. The venue, music and food will all be nothing but a faint memory. Wedding photography is a LIFETIME investment. You will be showing your children and grandchildren these photos as they are passed down generations. Still not convinced budgeting for your wedding photography is important? My parents went cheap for their wedding photography. The photographer never took photos of my mother with her mother. Her mother died a few years later. To this day my mother regrets not having a wedding photo with her mother. She often tells me she wishes she would have done more research and hired a photographer who's work she adored and trusted. And you bet I make sure both the bride and groom get enough photos with their parents and any other people of major importance to them because of my mother's horrible experience. Prior to signing a wedding contract we will meet and discuss all of your needs and concerns along with a tentative timeline of your wedding day. I want to ensure that every wedding client has the most fairytale kind of perfect wedding that they deserve! 

Packages Starting at $3000

  • Full day coverage with TWO Photographers starting at $3000.

  • Weddings with a bridal party of eight or less and less than 100 guests are not required to have a package with two photographers.

  • Email the following information for package lists:

    • Wedding date

    • Total number in bridal party (including bride and groom)​

    • Total number of expected guests

    • Locations of ceremony and reception

    • Preference on number of photographers

Elopement or destination wedding? Find out how much money you can save by having a wedding at your DREAM destination!

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